Welcome aboard the Time Capsule, an extraordinary dining experience nestled within the transformed confines of a genuine bank vault at our esteemed restaurant, The Passenger. This exclusive space, tailor-made for up to four discerning guests, has played witness to private dinners, joyous proposals, and a myriad of special occasions, making it the epitome of intimate luxury.


In the Time Capsule, every meal is an adventure, and every visit is an escape into a realm of exclusive dining. Choose from our worldly regular menus or elevate your experience with an exclusive chef-tailored menu, crafted based on your preferences (with the time needed to plan this out for you you must email us for this inquiry so a regular Time Capsule Reservation will NOT work and you must fill the inquiry form).



From 4 pm onwards or on holidays: this haven can become your personal retreat; No room fee takes flight if your culinary journey reaches a minimum spend of $75 per person – an exclusive ticket to unparalleled dining. Alternatively, choose a more relaxed approach with a room fee of $25 per person, ensuring an intimate experience without a minimum spend commitment.

For those seeking a morning rendezvous within the unique ambiance of Time Capsule (before 4 pm, excluding holidays); Enjoy the morning rays with no room fee when your culinary indulgence totals $45 per person or more. Opt for a more laid-back departure with a room fee of $15 per person, guaranteeing a delightful start to your day without any minimum spend.

Please note that the deposit to secure this exclusive space is non-refundable if you cancel, but will count towards your Room Fee or Minimum. Taxes and gratuity are additional, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience from start to finish.

Your reservation includes a 2-hour dining time.

Secure your reservation now and let the Time Capsule be the vault for your most treasured dining memories! πŸ½οΈπŸ”βœˆοΈ